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We are the Middle East distributors for a number of market leading Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) manufacturers and suppliers from around the world including the UK, US, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

Our partners and suppliers provide the leading technology from all part's of the globe. We offer the best in innovation and technical functionality in today's market for making road networks more effective, efficient and safe for our clients, including all Command and Control Room needs, such as Traffic Management Centre's (TMCs).

We also focus our attention to providing the best whole life value (WLV) for each solution, enabling the best technology in class solutions to meet our clients challenges, but at the same time providing best value for them over the product full life cycle.

At TraffeXcel we pride ourselves in the high level of services offered as standard to our clients, Quality is our Control.

Delivering intelligent traffic solutions and network maintenance is our core. Our smarter systems (through our partners) have for over 30 years been monitoring and controlling road usage, providing up-to-date traffic information and above all keeping road users safe.

The combination of our expert consultancy, systems integration capability, specialist traffic equipment and maintenance, enables us to offer a wider range of solutions to our clients.

Within the UAE today, our products and service offerings provide a complete 24/7 intelligent solution in tackling the growing traffic congestion and the increasingly complex transport systems being deployed across the region.

Technology is always changing, so we make it our business to keep abreast of new technical developments.

We place our customers at the centre of everything we do. We are committed to the highest standards of quality, and work collaboratively with our customers to ensure our products are purpose-fit for their specific needs. Our products and services are innovative and unique – designed by experts and delivered with customer service excellence. 

The products we provide, through our extensive supply chain, are the market leading Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and comply with the needs of todays open system architectures and systems integration needs, as well as providing the necessary technical specification and compliance e.g. our Traffic Signal Controllers are TR2500 (UK) and UG405 ((UK) UTMC communications) compliant, to meet the currently deployed controllers used across the UAE.

We provide full support for all of our products and services.  Our technical and engineering staff are highly skilled and trained to provide the best of service.

It’s a combination of this proactive approach and strategic partnerships that has positioned TraffeXcel as a leading supplier, installer and maintainer of all aspects of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) across the UAE.

Our quick response approach to traffic systems is essential in an age when network users expect seamless communication, regardless of the technology employed.

​We provide the full range of technical and project management support functions, through design, specification, installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs.