AGD Intelligent Traffic Systems

AGD makes easy-to-integrate, globally compatible ITS (intelligent traffic systems) product solutions designed to help create safer, greener, more efficient traffic and transport environments. AGD is one of the most successful manufacturers of ITS products, delivering solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Highways and strategic transport initiatives around the world. With strategic ITS thinking strengthened by 25 years of practical implementations, AGD’s product solutions are engineered for real-world integration and dynamic future applications.

Working closely with system and product integrators, national road authorities and traffic engineers, AGD develops solutions that fit today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges across urban and inter-urban settings. Products serve Traffic and Pedestrian Control, Highways and Enforcement environments, and applications such as tunnel and track.

Headquartered in Cheltenham, UK, AGD is a privately owned company. It has a sister company in Australia, distributors in EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas. AGD’s R & D, manufacturing and test facilities come with a history of innovation and have delivered the IP to create intelligent solutions that improve the world’s traffic and travel systems.