Sharjah RTA Bo Al Ain Wireless Detection

Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority commissioned TraffeXcel to supply and install an advance wireless vehicle detection system on all 4 approaches to the Bo Al Ain intersection in Sharjah.

TraffeXcel successfully installed wireless detection system and integrated with existing Siemens Traffic Signal controller. All works were completed in a 6-hour timeframe, including site
acceptance testing to ensure all vehicle detections were been accurately captured and ingested into the controller.

TraffeXcel completed all works without requiring active traffic management and minimal interruption to traffic movement.

The installed solution comes with a 5-year warranty, with an expected battery life of approximately 8-10 years. Such wireless detection systems provide a cost efficient and reliable means to accurately detect traffic movements, with the total life-cycle costs greatly reduced when compared to traditional
detection systems such as inductive loops.

You can download the project sheet below:

Project-Sheets_Sharjah RTA Bo Al Ain