Sharjah RTA Wasit Roundabout Detection

Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority commissioned TraffeXcel to supply, install, install, test and commission a wireless vehicle detection system at Wasit Roundabout in Sharjah. The purpose of the system was to detect queuing on approach to the roundabout and trigger a green phase for that
approach to clear the queue, whilst also not disrupting traffic flow on the remaining approaches.

TraffeXcel successfully installed 3 Sensys Networks wireless vehicle detectors during night working hours, together with access point, repeater and associated cabling to local traffic signal controller. Our team created a custom IC4 traffic controller configuration to optimise the traffic at the roundabout, whilst also monitoring the junction following deployment to ensure it operated as planned.

TraffeXcel are experts in the design and installation of wireless vehicle detection solutions.

You can download the project sheet below:

Project-Sheets_Wasit Roundabout Detection